DNS: Re: Melbourne IT/Domains

DNS: Re: Melbourne IT/Domains

From: Peter Gerrand <ceo§MelbourneIT.com.au>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 19:24:49 +1000
Michael Malone wrote:

> I would by interested in Melbourne IT's formal response to
> the papers produced as a result of the DNS Summit in August
> (all of which are available at http://www.intiaa.asn.au/dns/)
> In particular, in the "Operation of 2LD" paper, I suggested
> a number of ways in which competition could occur within
> the COM.AU domain.


After our first week of providing the bureau service for COM.AU DNA, I
am beginning to realise that the operational and commercial realities of
supporting the COM.AU customer base will raise even more significant
questions than the need for new technical solutions that you have
highlighted in your "operation of 2LD" paper, concerning the feasibility
of more than one DNA competing in a single 2LD space. 

My answers to your specific questions are:
> o Is Melbourne IT prepared to deal with competition in allocation
>   of domain names within COM.AU

Yes, but only if this is agreed by the industry to be the best solution.
An operational solution would have to be devised to enable the different
DNAs to be accountable for their own performance, and not have poor
performance by one DNA lower the perceptions of performance by the other

I am mindful that back in 1995, when KRE delegated the COM.AU DNA to
another agency for some months, some-one appears to have accepted all
applications received during that period without applying any of the
Naming Rules.  As a result a few DNs like sex.com.au were registered,
which by violating the rules existing then (and now), serve to undermine
the integrity of the DN administration process.  

I would support the introduction of a BIZ.AU 2LD run by a competitor
DNA, to meet the need for additional registered business names, either
supplementing COM.AU or in competition with it. However I have
reservations about whether it is appropriate for an ISP or IAP to carry
out such a DNA role, because of the obvious conflicts of interest when
providing a 'wholesale' role  to other ISPs/IAPs with whom the DNA would
be competing for end-customer business.

> o Is Melbourne IT prepared to withhold charging until further
>   discussion of these papers has occurred.

Of course not. We have five full-time staff working on the bureau
service, and considerable equipment, office and networking expenses, and
we don't propose to go broke.  However we have committed ourselves to
processing, at no fee, the more than 2,400 back-logged applications
inherited from the previous voluntary part-time regime; and I am pleased
to report that we have cleared more than 1,200 of these already. 
> o Is PG able to use the caps lock key in follow ups.

yes YES yes!

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