[Oz-ISP] Re: INET: Re: DNS: URGENT - We must take a stand against Melbourne IT

[Oz-ISP] Re: INET: Re: DNS: URGENT - We must take a stand against Melbourne IT

From: Neil Murray <neil§aone.com.au>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 11:49:06 +1100
	[Much elided and there is a mixture from multiple posters here]

- Most people would be aware, although we have been a little quiet, that
- AUSCERT is in process of changing to a subscription based service. It is
- likely that AUSCERT will be set up as a company, limited by shares,
- probably owned by the three initiating universities, in the near future.
- The Articles of Association will address the issue of 'not for profit'. We
- believe that to retain credability and our no commerical bias position it
- is essential to remain not for profit. It has been recommeded that the
- Board of Directors be selected from a wide industry base to not only
- enhance the management structure of AUSCERT but also to further the need
- for accountability to its clients.

- >A commercial AUNIC service strikes me as perhaps the most likely way
- >of taking a slice of the revenue to fund them. It *would* have been
- >great if the delegation had been done (or could be changed to be done)
- >with a proviso that some percentage or flat-rate per domain (say
- >$10ish) was provided as funds for AUSCERT.
- >
- >The summary? If there are multiple, competing .com.au service
- >providers that are constrained to send some revenue to AUSCERT, then
- >IMHO their accounts and surpluses are their own business.
- >
- >[ Why is it not a side-track? Because the AUNIC services are one of
- >the few services which pretty much all .au Internet users/ISPs must
- >use, therefore it makes some sense to have that revenue stream fund
- >essential net services that have no natural revenue base, such as the
- >.au name servers, AUSCERT, etc. So where you read AUSCERT above,
- >convert that to essential net services with no natural revenue base.]

	In a way,  a solution for AUSCERT would have been to take on the
COM.AU registration and funds from that used to pay for AUSCERT's other 
services.  A 'not-for-profit' organization starts off with the needed
arms length dis-interest required of a registry service.  If AUSCERT was
the COM.AU registry I personally wouldn't mind paying the domain fees quite
so much as the money would be enabling a lot more than keeping a database
up to date.

	Maybe AUSCERT should enquire into idea, if the DNS registery is 
non-exculsive, I for one would prefer to pay AUSCERT than a commerical

	Just an idea.

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