INET: Re: DNS: URGENT - We must take a stand against Melbourne IT

INET: Re: DNS: URGENT - We must take a stand against Melbourne IT

From: Greg Taylor <gtaylor§>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 13:55:55 +1000
At 06:13 PM 12-11-96 +1100, Skeeve Stevens wrote:
>As you can see stated above.. we MUST make a stand against Melbourne IT on
>this issue. 
>When Internet started charging for domains, any domains registered before the
>day they started, werent charged until the aniversary, 1 year later.

I am strongly against a single anniversary for all domain names.  If 
Melbourne IT needs startup funds it should get them the same way every
other business does, not rely on a virtual monoploy situation where they
can set fees at an arbitrary level and with an arbitrary due date.  I don't
object to a fee for service, but $125 is too steep for domain name 
maintenance.  Furthermore, the fee should be due on the anniversary of 
original registration.

>I am going to have a hard time telling customers that they now have to pay
>and extra $125. When we were selling our services... as im sure many other
>isps were.. and the client asks 'Do I have to pay any more' and we honestly
>answered 'Nope.. thats it'.... we are going to be accused of lying for a start,
>Melbourne IT is going to generate a LOT of animosity against themselves
>from clients, and many people will elect I think to DUMP and go to
>the USA and register a .com or .net domain.

Promising clients that there will be no further fees does seem a bit naive 
in a changing environment.  Furthermore, ISPs generally charge in the region
of $200-$250 for a registration service that involves filling out a few forms
and creating a DNS table entry.  It does seem a bit rich to be bleating
about Melbourne IT's fees when ISP's have indulged in similar behaviour.
I'm sure you could could cop the initial $125 out of the registration fee
you have already charged, and still make a good profit!

By all means let's complain about unfair charging practices, but not through
pots calling kettles black.

(who is not an ISP, but is domain owner)

Greg Taylor                                  Brisbane Australia
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