DNS: Re: Second .COM.AU Registry - I nominate 2 parties

DNS: Re: Second .COM.AU Registry - I nominate 2 parties

From: Christopher Kuperman <chris§dycom.com.au>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 23:46:51 +1000
Skeeve Stevens wrote:
> I think a second registry should be setup and RUNNING by January 1st...
> I see two organisations having the ability to do this.
> 1. Connect.com.au
>        - The currently admin the .net.au registry, and have for years.
>          I think they have done and EXCELLENT free job, and are doing a
>          commercial quality job at the moment. They have the infrastructure,

	I couldn't have said it better my self Skeeve.

	Connect.Com is one of the most pleasant companies I have ever 
	worked with.

	I would like to speak for all of DyCom and offer a 100% vote 
	of support for this idea.

	Plus+ I would never have to use Melbourne I.T. (again).

	Once again Hugh, congratulations on a job well done (.net.au),
	and I am sure that all will respect the recent decision to charge
	a token amount for the .net.au registration process.

       -Christopher Kuperman.

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