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DNS: Re: INET: Second .COM.AU Registry

From: David Purdue - Strategic Technical Account Manager <David.Purdue§Aus.Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 10:37:08 +1100
Neil Renfrey <neilr&#167;systematic.com.au> sez:
> Could someone please explain to me the complexity of DNA. What processes are 
> there involved that take days or weeks.

The complexity of DNA is that it is such a big molecule.  Although the
building blocks of the molecule are quite simple (there are only 4
amino acids involved), and the process of building and taking appart
DNA molecules is relatively well understood, the molecule chain
iteself is so long that we are only now starting to learn what parts
of which DNA molecule are responsible for creating which charateristics
in living creatures.

The processes on the DNA molecule are, in essence, chemical processes that
can only take place at certain temperatures and in the presence of certain
enzymes.  This is why the process of creating a new living creatre takes
days or weeks - even months!


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