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Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 18:30:27 +1000
On 20 Nov 1996 at 10:29:37 +0800, Brian Wiren wrote, in inet-issues:

>Neil Renfrey was enquiring about the process of DNA ( DNS Admin ).
>At the risk of being flamed,abused and generally got at....my understanding
>of DNS admin is this :
>When a Domain Name request is recieved - check that no one else is using it
>                                          ( ie : unique name )
>Check that at least two servers are up and running correctly.
>Make the name visible ( not sure exactly how this is done but I am sure that
>one of the Net Gods/Gurus will help me out here.
>Tell the requester the results of their submission.

As I understand it, in the com.au domain it is also necessary to verify 
that the applicant is a registered company.  I believe there are also some
restrictions applied to ensure that the name requested bears some 
resemblance to the company name, unlike the situation in the USA where it
appears anyone can claim any unique name.

There is further information on the DNS system at:


DNS Resources Directory 

None of the information that has come out so far explains why the annual
maintenance fee has been set so high.  As far as I can see, once the domain
is delegated the records do not need to be touched again.  Presumably then
we are being asked to pay (dearly) for the Melbourne IT infrastructure.

>As regards who should run/own/control the com.au domain I vote for Auscert.

It's a nice idea but seems somewhat removed from AUSCERT's charter.  
Whoever controls it needs to be able to respond to commercial requirements
in a timely manner.  


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