DNS: Misrepresentation on 'Internet Domain Name Survey'

DNS: Misrepresentation on 'Internet Domain Name Survey'

Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 09:19:05 +0200
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It has come to our attention that a Mr Daniel Chun has sent 
an "Internet Domain Name Survey" (shown below) requesting replies
to an ITU (International Telecommunication Union) email 
account. Please note the following:

1. The 'Internet Domain Name Survey' from Mr. Chun has absolutely 
   nothing to do with the ITU.

2. Mr Chun is not an employee of the ITU nor is there any 
   related ITU 'study group'. 

3. His account is one of about 6,000 external accounts granted to 
   people around the world working in the telecommunications field 
   to track ITU activities and assist interworking with us.

4. We consider this an abuse of his ITU account.

5. His account has been immediately terminated.

I apologize for any confusion this has created. I don't know to who 
he has sent this solicitation but feel free to forward this note on 
to others.

Robert Shaw
Geneva, Switzerland

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From: daniel.chun&#167;itu.ch
To: "Internet Domain Name Survey" <daniel.chun&#167;itu.ch>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 11:16:24 +0000
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Nov 29, 1996				   Domain Study  Group

Dear Domain Owner and Administrator,

This is not a junk e-mail, you receive this e-mail because you have been carefully selected
from InterNIC's WHOIS database to respond to a survey conducted by a voluntary study
group in parallel with various initiatives from bodies including  International Telecommunications 
Union (ITU), Internet Society (ISOC) and Internet Assigned Numbers Association (IANA). 
Due to the phenomenal growth of the Internet, the authorities have acknowledged the high 
demand for domain names. In September 1996 alone, InterNIC has received 75,213 applications
for registering for second level domain names including .COM .NET .ORG .GOV and .EDU

In the Internet universe, the gold rush for domain names is happening, there are individuals
speculating domain names and  there are various ISPs or individuals involving themselves
in trading and brokering domain names. 

Examples of such can be found in the following sites:


Our study group has found that typically, these services charges the Domain Owners a
one-time sign up fee of US$10-$100 and then they charge a commission of 5%-25% of 
the transaction value of the domain name. This amount could be very high if the domain 
name transaction involves high stake (eg. For a sale value of US$25,000 10% commission
will be US$ 2,500). Furthermore, we also observed that the charges for the services provided
are not necessarily equitable to the cost of delivering the service. In another words, the service 
delivered for a US$500 transaction and a US$25,000 is the same.

In light of the situation, this study group would like to conduct a survey which require 
you to reply to this e-mail.

Please put a cross (eg. X)  in the underlined area to indicate your response.

1. Are you one of the following ?
__   	Domain owner		
__ 	Domain administrator (eg. technical, billing, administrative contact)
2. Will you offer your Domain for sale ?
__ 	Yes				
__ 	No				
__ 	Depends on Sale Value			

3. What price do you think your Domain is worth ?
__ 	Priceless					
__ 	USD 0        < P < USD 1,000		
__ 	USD 1,000 < P < USD 5,000		
__ 	USD 5,000 < P < USD 10,000		
__ 	USD 10,000  < P				

3) How will you go about selling your Domain ?
__ 	Through Domain Brokers		
__ 	Personal Selling  			
__ 	Directory Services (listing, public forum)		

If this study group propose a Directory Service to the authorities to provide a forum, 
similar to a database service (eg. InterNIC's WHOIS database) for Domain Names on 
non-profit making nature. This will help promote the value of domain names, and promote
 growth in the use of domain names and yet indirectly imposing control mechanism to the
 brokering of domain names by establishing an open forum. This will promoting the value 
of transacting domains without involving in the transaction itself thereby collecting high 

The cost of providing the service will be compensated by a one-time nominal charge to
 fund the ongoing research, development and administration of the web site and services.

4. What price level do you as a Domain Owner and Administrator do you 
believe is acceptable (For your information,  InterNIC currently charges US$ 50
 one-time fee for domain registration)
__ 	US$ 5   - US$ 10	
__ 	US$ 11 - US$ 15		
__ 	US$ 16 - US$ 20		
__ 	US$ 21 - US$ 25
__ 	US$ 25 - US$ 30		

5. What service level do you see as important for this Directory Services
__ 	Web User Interface and Functionality		
__ 	Bandwidth of the Directory Service		
__ 	Effectiveness of selling your Domain		
__ 	Please suggest  _____________________________________

6) Will you be willing to pay by credit card ?
__ 	Yes
__ 	No					

7) If answer to 6 is Yes, Which method of giving your card details do you prefer ?
__ 	by Internet email		
__ 	by Internet Commerce 			
__ 	by fax				
__ 	by ordinary mail			

8) If No, what other methods do you prefer in settling payment for the service?
__ 	by cheque					
__ 	by wire transfer				
__ 	Others, please suggest  ___________________________________

We dearly appreciate you taking time to complete this survey, we will anticipate to 
collect most of these responses before Christmas. And we will forward any subsequent 
compilation of the survey results probably in January 1997. If there is any other comments, 
please forward it to my address at ITU.


Daniel Chun
Research Assistant
Internet: daniel.chun&#167;itu.ch
Received on Fri Nov 29 1996 - 22:46:57 UTC

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