Re: DNS: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

Re: DNS: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

From: Antony <antony§>
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 1996 19:31:36 +1100 (GMT+1100)
> As a personal comment I'd have reservations about having my company
> known as .. This seems to be 'techo' which differs from
> the acronyms and abbreviations or other registries.

I have to agree here. I don't believe there needs to be another 2LD in the
.AU hierarchy to deal with businesses and companies. This is not only
non-standard compared to other countries, it is also fully capable and
should be done in the .COM.AU 2LD.

What is needed is multiple DNA's for the .COM.AU hierarchy, and the sooner
the better.


PS: And yes, we'd be willing to run as a DNA (no flames).

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