Re: DNS: or

Re: DNS: or

From: Gary Meltzer <garym§>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 1996 01:31:51 GMT
On Wed, 04 Dec 1996 11:07:00 +1000, Simon Hackett <simon&#167;>
>The DNS is not a directory service. 

It may not have been designed as a directory service.

>The DNS is not a directory service.


>Some people believe the DNS is a directory service.

Many people use DNS as a directory service.

>The DNS is not a directory service.

Effectively, it is a directory service, because it is used as such.

>You're solving the problem with the wrong tool. I know that this doesn't
>stop "most" people wanting their company to be But the
>real impacts of having to take a second-best option are overblown in my
>view. People already use .COM as an escape valve if they can't get what they
>want, and has that made them impossible to find? No!

So you're saying that DNS is a good directory service?

Better directory services are available and even better ones emerging,
but that is probably irrelevant to the topic of changing the DNS au
name-space and its controllers to the benefit of its users.

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