DNS: how about...

DNS: how about...

From: Stephen Gillies <max§max.net.au>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 12:50:07 +1100
 when I first saw the thred about .biz.au domain names I sighed. I didnt think
 it's necessary. We have .com.au and we can use that. I just saw it as trying to
 avoid paying melbourne.IT and a way for a couple of ISP's to "value-add".
 I saw a few years down the track things being very confused.

 However, thinking about it, perhaps there is place in the domain structure
 afterall. how about using .biz.au for _registered business names_ ONLY. no
 registered companies, no organisations, no associations. business names.
 australia wide. first in first served.

 now im sure some will jump up and down about existing registrations... well
 fine- if present business registrations hold .com.au domain names they have
 the choice to move to .biz.au or stay with .com.au (as I'm sure many will
 having established them in the eyes of their customers).

 now the throwback is of course will business names be excluded from .com.au for
 future registrations? it follows that they will. in an attempt to avoid 
 too much noise perhaps a period of changeover, during which this list
 can assess if it's working. 

 companies will like this. they can register their domain name as a company
 (advancebank.com.au) and then the businesses under it (advancefunds.biz.au,
 advancestocks.biz.au etc) (these two used as an example only. calm down) and
 be quite within the bounds of the .com.au policy (ok with changes, perhaps
 it should say "no holder of a .com.au can have more than one .com.au
 registration"). registered business names register under a business 
 domain name. makes sence doesnt it? maybe drop the cost from mel.IT's 
 company rego as well... as business rego costs only about a 10th of 
 a company rego. 

 *steps back and lets the email flow*

 Stephen Gillies (Max)

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