Re: DNS: Re: INET: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

Re: DNS: Re: INET: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

From: Hugh Irvine <hugh§>
Date: Mon, 09 Dec 1996 09:51:12 +1100
Gary Oliver wrote:

> Thanks for poitning out I omitted the question. My question is the same
> as that others have posed, viz what is wrong with allowing dictionary
> words in subject to showing grounds for it.

There is nothing *wrong* with dictionary words, except that the policy for specifically disallows them. This is what happens when *any* policy is 
enforced - there are always exceptions, hence my earlier remark.

> The problem that I see with the acn approach I touched on in an earlier
> msg, viz many companies are in a structure (eg operations, financing,
> holding etc) and so have several acns within their "group".

Again - nothing says you only have to have *one* entry, especially if in this 
case an ASC database would always find the same target. Note that there are a 
great many examples of multiple domains already and no-one has a problem with 

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