Re: DNS: DNS litigation Issues

Re: DNS: DNS litigation Issues

From: Geoff Huston <gih§>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 1996 18:20:50 +1000
Lets keep cutting right down to basics - becuase these are issues which we can get
_right_ or stuff up BAD.

At 2:59 PM 9/12/96, George Michaelson wrote:
>Cutting to the chase Geoff, are you not *INVITING* government to step in
>and make DNS delegation a matter of government policy fiat which will exclude
>non-government oversight?

cutting right down, yes I am  inviting their active involvement. I am not so
sure that such an involvement would result in the outcome you describe
here (and the issue of goverment "blessing" of "industry self
regulation" appears to be a feature of the current government drafts
of their proposed regulation of what they term "electronic addresses", so
there is certainly a somewhat different model which appears to be circulating
in the realms of formulating public policy at present).

But my REAL BASIC question is What are we building here? A PUBLIC facility
which will underpin the communications infrastructure for the remainder of our lives
and certainly span those of our children?

Or are we mucking about?

>I have grave fears for the overall process if thats all that eventuates. I
>think you *MUST* float a model which includes and invites government
>participation alongside other agencies, in an international context: After
>all, the ISO 2-letter delegation doesn't come from the queen...

We are talking about a national public resource. I personally want it to be an
efficient and efective component of the public Internet. And as a collorary
I suppose that this implies that I want the active and informed involvement
of public administation (yes I realise that this may be regarded as an
oxymoronic description of the public process in this area of activity
by some, but if the ASC can get it about right with company names
can't we do it here as well?).

But what the hell - I may have it all wrong! Have you an alternative
model which avoids the impost of domain name applicants avoiding
paying their share of the domain administrator's legal defense fund?

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