Re: DNS: Re: INET: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

Re: DNS: Re: INET: Proposed BIZ.AU Registry

From: Geoff Huston <gih§>
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 03:06:06 +1000
Logically an name system should be operated by the name authority
by which is derived. So with all respect you are talking about the ASC
as the operator rather than Simon and Hugh. Sure the ASC _may_ subcontract,
but I can forsee all kinds of issues if Simon and Hugh attempt to independantly second
track the actions of the ASC as a naming body and if or whatever reason they
get it wrong.

If you are going to introduce external name authority derivation records into the DNS
and start to populate them then the only competent operator of such a specal
purpose domain is the original operator of the name space in question.



At 8:33 AM 7/12/96, Simon Hackett wrote:
>>Sorry Gary - what is the question? If it is how do we proceed from here, I 
>>would suggest that something like, with a completely different mode of 
>>operation would be an interesting first step. As Simon has already said, the 
>>advantage of this particular domain (and I realise that it doesn't solve all 
>>problems) is that there can be *no* argument or discussion about entries 
>>therein, and an extremely effective search tool can be implemented directly by 
>>the ASC (or at least from their public information). As I have said before, 
>>this is not a complete solution to the problem, however I would suggest that 
>>there is *no* single solution and this would be a useful alternative approach 
>>that is worth exploring.
>... and just to underscore this, we (Hugh and I) stand ready to provide the
>resources to implement if we can get it approved by Robert Elz. I
>don't think there is any actual objection from Robert to our ideas here,
>other than a probable belief that noone would use it. No loss there if we
>try and fail - that's what the Internet is about - *doing* things.
>It would form a decent example of a domain that "just plain worked", and if
>nobody cared - well, there would be no damaging effects from this either.
>Consider that most business cards in Australia already contain the ACN (I
>think they might have to as a legal requirement for that matter). Consider
>being able to derive a domain name for that company directly from that ACN.
>Consider that in ADDITION to whatever other domains the company has, as a
>backstop which "always works" based on the business card in your drawer.
>We (Hugh and I) suspect we could full automate a lot of this by using
>electronic copies of the ASC database, which are likely to be obtainable
>from the ASC as they are effectively a public register.
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