DNS: Next meeting of the DNS forum

DNS: Next meeting of the DNS forum

From: Luke Carruthers <luke§magna.com.au>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 19:18:48 +1100 (EST)
The next meeting of the intiaa DNS forum will take place in Sydney on Friday
January 17th, at the offices of Phillips Fox (255 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000).
This meeting will have two primary aims :

 -  determining the policies and guidelines for multiple operators
    in various areas of the registration and delegation process

 -  determine the framework required for and the implementation of the body 
    charged with the ongoing management of the commercial DNS process

A more detailed agenda will be published on the intiaa DNS mailing list 
(dns&#167;intiaa.asn.au) during the first week of January.

This will be an open meeting with all who wish to attend welcome.  All
attendees will be required to RSVP before Friday 10th January, by email
to Angela Williams at Phillips Fox, williams_angela&#167;sydney.phillipsfox.com.au,
so that a clear idea of numbers can be obtained.  The meeting will start 
at 11:00 am, and finish at 4:00 pm. 

Luke Carruthers
Magna Data
Internet Solutions Provider
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