DNS: Re: INET: COM.AU reminder messages for renewal of registrations

DNS: Re: INET: COM.AU reminder messages for renewal of registrations

From: Mark Andrews <Mark.Andrews§dms.csiro.au>
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 1996 10:27:21 +1100
> As part of the COM.AU bureau process for renewals of Domain Name 
> registration the bureu will be contacting existing unregistered domains 
> to advise them of the requirements and procedures for renewing the
> registration.
> The mechanism of contacting the unregistered domains will require that we
> send email to the current administrative contact for the domain.  We
> realise thousands of mail messages will be posted in the first instance.
> However we aim by appropriate scheduling of the process not to upset the
> communications.
> Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
> dna_notification&#167;MelbourneIT.com.au
> COM.AU Bureau
> MelbourneIT
> 3/207 Bouverie Street,
> Carlton, Vic 3053.
	Can I sugest that you sort and bundle by administrative contact.

	Having done a similar mailing, you will get a lot less flamage
	if you do this and say you are doing this in the opening couple
	of lines.

	Those that have multiple names mapping to the one person only
	have them selves to blame for getting multiple pieces of mail.

	Also expect a high bounce rate.

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