Re: DNS: Re: [Oz-ISP] That temorary addition!

Re: DNS: Re: [Oz-ISP] That temorary addition!

From: Brett Caird <brettc§>
Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 21:54:24 +1100
>> Complaining about the addition of "" is a lose-lose
>> situation, folks. 
>> The deed is done; MelbourneIT already admitted they stuffed up when
>> sending the bulk E-mail - forcing the issue on how they added the MX
>> record sans "policy" aids nobody's cause.
>the fact still remains, how can the general internet community take
>melbourneit seriously, if they are breaching their own rules? sure. it's
>after the fact, i'm not saying take it back. i'm saying, this "do as i say
>not as i do" type attitude is not on.

I know there are many out there who are probably looking for ways to
discredit Melbourne IT.  I for one didn't exactly have them on my Christmas
card list...

But before we bog down in this a few points to remember:

This action was taken to correct a fairly significant mistake... ie. to
benefit and reduce confusion in the Internet community in Australia.  I am
not saying it was "right" but the intentions were good and the aim was to
benefit us all.

Secondly, consider this (partly applicable) analogy.  Most ISP's probably
have an application form and payment processes for a customer to go through
before an account can be established.  When creating their own accounts (for
staff etc) they may not fill in any forms and almost certainly no money
changes hands.  (Writing a company cheque to the company, now that's just
silly).  If say an account is created with a typo... "Gee oops." The correct
account is created without any fuss and the typo is (probably) deleted.  No
messing around with "the normal process".

I would suggest we have better points to discuss like getting another player
in the namespace, policies (or lack thereof) for who can have what
names, the role of the DNS and DNS administration and the impact of all domains being required to be renewed by a certain date.  Debate may
have died down on some of these but most haven't really been "resolved".



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