DNS: The Holy DNS Commandments

DNS: The Holy DNS Commandments

From: DNS GOD <dns§dns.god>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 13:01:55 +1100

And forth he quoth....

DNS Commandments

From: dns&#167;dns.god
Subject: The Holy DNS Commandments
Date: 22 Aug 1995 06:13:04 GMT

And behold, there were great thunder and lightnings, and the mighty
Gehofrey came down from the temple of Munnari and told Children of AU
the Lord God Kre had vouchedsafe unto them these Holy Commandments,
upon stone tablets:-
1. Thou SHALT NOT send DNS information to the Lord God Kre's
   personal mailbox, lest the Wrath of the Lord Kre be kindled 
   and wax hot against thee.
2. Thou shalt format thy request in a mysterious format known
   unto none save the holiest priesthood of the order of DNS, that
   thy days may be long in the domain that the Lord Kre hath given thee.
3. If thy requests be incorrectly seconded or ill formatted,
   thou shalt NOT be added to the root AU domain but shalt be forever
   cast out of the named boot into the outer darkness where there is
   weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.
4. Thine entries must be DNS walkable, or naught shall be delegated.
5. Thou shalt wait in vain for a reply. Ever.
6. If the Lord deigneth to reply at all, it is because thou art
   stupid, dullwitted, blind and slow of understanding, and
   not such simple DNS concepts; therefore shall He quote thee large 
   inscriptions of the Holy DNS Bible, so that thy mailbox runneth over.
7. If not large inscriptions of the Holy DNS Bible, then large
   of the sacred RFC tomes.

8. Thou shalt not complain about the Lord's ineffable doings or
   in news; "My Ways are not your ways, neither are My Thoughts your
   thoughts" saith the Lord Kre, and He shall pour out the vials of His
   upon thine head from on High in the sight of all the multitudes.
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