Re: DNS: "The plight of the uninformed"

Re: DNS: "The plight of the uninformed"

From: Ron Creevey <ronc§>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 1997 13:29:45 +1100
In defence of Melbourne IT, we have nearly 500 domains housed here at
Magna Data
we have only experienced this problem once, not bad. And I know we are not
alone on
this. So as far as I'm  concerned Melbourne IT are on the right track. If
your customer
does receive a letter from Melbourne IT by mistake, then just explain to
them that it is a 
mistake, and that you as there ISP will be dealing with Melbourne IT on
there behalf.
This is not hard, and is hardly an issue.


Ron Creevey
Magna Data

At 13:00 21/02/97 +1100, you wrote:
>> FYI, this week Melbourne IT has carried out a mass mail-out via
>> Australia Post of reminder notices to the Managing Directors of all
>> organisations listed against those domain names that have not yet
>> been renewed. 
>Not to mention a number of domains for which renewals have been submitted!!
>> Excepted from this mail-out are all those domain names for which
>> Participating ISPs, other ISPs and aggregators, or the end users
>> themselves have initiated the renewal process with Melbourne IT on their
>> behalf. 
>That might be how it was supposed to work, but unfortunately it seems
>that a number of our customers have received these letters, despite
>renewals being submitted for their domains several weeks ago (well before
>the February 10th cut-off date)
>Melbourne IT's response - they "stuffed up".
>Of course, where this is really going to become an issue (other than
>the obvious fact that it makes both the ISP in question and Melb-IT look 
>like they are incompentant) is when the customer decides to pay for the 
>domain, and the ISP does as well!!
>  Scott.
>  HunterLink
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