Re: DNS: "The plight of the uninformed"

Re: DNS: "The plight of the uninformed"

From: Antony <antony§>
Date: Sat, 22 Feb 1997 09:52:10 +1100 (GMT+1100)
> FYI, this week Melbourne IT has carried out a mass mail-out via
> Australia Post of reminder notices to the Managing Directors of all
> organisations listed against those domain names that have not yet
> been renewed. 
> Excepted from this mail-out are all those domain names for which
> Participating ISPs, other ISPs and aggregators, or the end users
> themselves have initiated the renewal process with Melbourne IT on their
> behalf. 
> Melbourne IT will be diligent in ensuring every reasonable effort has
> been made to contact each business registered as allocated an unrenewed
> domain name,  before updating the zone files. 
> PG
> -- 
> Professor Peter Gerrand
> CEO, Melbourne IT

Given that most companies work on a 30 day pay cycle, and including email
transport times (at least a week from Sydney to Melb), and processing,
you're cutting it extremely short. 

I'd hazard a guess that most companies on their standard pay method would
not have the 'invoice' (ie, pay or lose it) returned to Melbourne IT (who
will then be delayed in processing, what was it, 12,000 payments at once??
-- read $1.5 MILLION!) by the time the payment is due.

I'd suggest Melbourne IT tread _extremely_ carefully when pressing ye old
delete key on the zone files.


PS: The $25.00 'processing fee' is just plain bullshit.

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