RE: DNS: "The plight of the uninformed"

RE: DNS: "The plight of the uninformed"

From: Wilson Fletcher <wilson§>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 10:00:43 +1100

despite one's views on the appropriateness of these charges it is good to hear (at last) that indeed an effort will be made to inform us of the situation by Melbourne IT.


Wilson Fletcher

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Brett Caird wrote:
> Had a conversation with one of our customers who holds a domain
> today and he was blissfully unaware of the renewal date for his domain (we
> had advised our customers by conventional mail of the situation and
> the renewal date imposed by Melbourne IT, but this organisation had switched
> from another ISP to us since then and thus didn't have details on record).
> It was only through another matter that we came to discuss this point.  It
> got me wondering how many people actually realize what is going on.  What
> sort of communication has taken place between Melbourne IT and domain
> holders directly?  Its a difficult situation I know, the contact records for
> many domain holders may be out of date.  
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FYI, this week Melbourne IT has carried out a mass mail-out via
Australia Post of reminder notices to the Managing Directors of all
organisations listed against those domain names that have not yet
been renewed. 

Excepted from this mail-out are all those domain names for which
Participating ISPs, other ISPs and aggregators, or the end users
themselves have initiated the renewal process with Melbourne IT on their

Melbourne IT will be diligent in ensuring every reasonable effort has
been made to contact each business registered as allocated an unrenewed domain name,  before updating the zone files. 

Professor Peter Gerrand
CEO, Melbourne IT

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