Re: DNS: COM.AU Renewals

Re: DNS: COM.AU Renewals

From: <allen§>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 11:31:40 +0000
> > and in particular to defend the industry-endorsed policies under
> > which we operate.  
> I do wish you would stop saying that.  Haven't you noticed that
> the industry doesn't agree with all your policies?  The DNA forum
> has certainly not endorsed the deletion of domains names on
> Monday.  We did not endorse any charges for domains registered
> prior to November 1.  We were not even asked if your fee structure
> was reasonable.
> What exactly do you feel was "industry-endorsed" and where are
> the minutes/statements/evidence of this? Who was present at the
> meeting?

Just for the Record

I, representing Global Link, do not endorse MIT's actions, & haveing 
been on this list almost since it's inception take offence to the 
fact that the CEO of MIT is saying I am supporting his grab for cash.

Allen Bolderoff
Global link Internet Services & Training.

I read Peters letter pretty much the same way that michael 
interpreted  it.
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