DNS: Re: MITA response to ISOC-AU/INTIAA/iiNet

DNS: Re: MITA response to ISOC-AU/INTIAA/iiNet

From: Kim Davies <kim§west.net.au>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1997 12:33:06 +0800
Quoting Peter Gerrand:
| These are com.au domain names registered prior to the 8th of October
| 1996, whose owners or ISPs are found to be contactable, and have not yet
| been renewed. Melbourne IT will offer the owners of these domain names
| the option of retaining their domain names passively on our Zone Files
| as temporary, Unserviced domain names without charge until the 8th of
| October 1997.  

For the thousands of domain holders who have already paid for their
domains to Melbourne IT under threat of the understood removal on March
17, will they have the option of requesting their license not take effect
until the 8th of October 1997? 

Further, should a competitor begin before this time, will domain holders
have the option of a full refund of their monies (minus reasonable
administrative cost)? 

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