Re: DNS: Response from Melbourne IT to ISOC-AU - the good news

Re: DNS: Response from Melbourne IT to ISOC-AU - the good news

From: Gary Oliver <gary.oliver§>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1997 23:50:39 +1000

Regarding the text expressed in your "Extra good news" extracted below,
once again Melbourne IT appears to have made renewal policy on the run and
once again it appears to have an arbitrary nature (6 month extension). Your
approach is becoming very carrot and stick. I regret this descent into
bonuses and wonder what else will pop out of the woodwork.

Warm regards

>In addition I would like to announce that Melbourne IT will reward those
>ISPs and end users whose domain names are in Category 3 and who renew
>their domain names with $125 payment to Melbourne IT by 30 April, with a
>six month bonus on the normal two year licence period - i.e. their
>renewal licence will extend to 30 October 1999. This offer expires on 30
>April 1997. (However note that under our agreed policy, domain
>names can only be licensed to businesses registered to trade in
>Australia, and some evidence of that status in the form of a registered
>company name or registered business name or equivalent certificate will
>be required. It is Melbourne IT's intent to preserve the "blue chip"
>status of licensed addresses.) 
>Equally importantly, we will reward those other 'historical'
>domain name owners, whose domain names were allocated before Melbourne
>IT commenced its operations on 8 October 1996, and who have already
>renewed their domain names on the fee-for-service basis in response to
>our previous advertised policy. They will receive an extension of six
>months at no extra cost to their current licence.
>Well before 30 April, Melbourne IT will establish an electronically
>accessible database on its website providing information on both the
>status of each domain name in our Zone Files and its expiry date.
>Yours sincerely
>Professor Peter Gerrand
>CEO, Melbourne IT
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