DNS: Latest on iiNet vs MITA court case

DNS: Latest on iiNet vs MITA court case

From: Kim Davies <kim§gospel.iinet.net.au>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 11:24:57 +0800
iiNet Technologies is pleased with the changes in the COM.AU renewal
policy by Melbourne IT, as faxed to Pauline Van Winsen of the Internet
Society of Australia. In these changes, Melbourne IT will not remove
unpaid domains until November 1997 that do not require service.

This resolution achieves the goal we aimed for - ensuring that there is
competition in the management of the COM.AU zone before companies are
removed. A group of Internet industry heads has formed a working party
to create the Australian Domain Name Authority (ADNA), which will
oversee the introduction of competing domain name administrators for
COM.AU. A public meeting on this will be held in Sydney next week.

As a result, we are taking steps to suspend recently announced legal
action against Melbourne IT, Robert Elz and Telstra Corporation.

Thanks for all the support we've received from thousands of COM.AU holders
across Australia, and to Melbourne IT for altering their policy to one
which is workable for the Internet community.

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