Re: DNS: DNS proposal

Re: DNS: DNS proposal

From: Stephen Baxter <steve§>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 16:05:49 +1030 (CST)
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> > How strong is the delegation of .au to kre ?
> The point most often disregarded on the issue of authority is that there
> are in reality two sources of it when it comes to the DNS - IANA via
> Robert Elz, and the Australian government.  In the end, anything happening
> within Australia is under the authority of the relevant area of the
> Australian government.  In this case, that means that whatever organisation
> operates as DNA for .au - i.e. is in charge of the Internet name space -
> does so under the direction and auspices of the federal government,
> whether explicitly or implicitly.

What if all of a sudden .au is taken from kre ?
Knowing the US loathing of governments meddling in the 'peoples' affairs I 
do not consider this as impossible although improbable.

How can the goverment control something that they in essence have no right
to ? So I suppose they would have to control the actions of those who
administer the namespace. What if the .au namespace was taken out of an
Australian hands ?

Is any of this possible ? Does kre have .au forever and who will inherit
it if kre no longer wants it or due to some other circumstance he can no
longer fullfill that role ?

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