Re: DNS: Domain Watch

Re: DNS: Domain Watch

From: Andrew Heath <drew§>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 17:39:40 +1100 (AEDT)
On Tue, 25 Mar 1997, Richard Archer wrote:

> I am interested in the relationship between your company 'Blue Tongue
> Multi-media Pty Ltd' and 'Melbourne Information Technologies Australia Pty
> Ltd'.
> I am wondering how a company which  "Specialises in COM.AU registration,
> and will ensure that your domain name will be registered with the minimum
> of delays" can share office space and a fax machine with the company
> responsible for the .COM.AU domain.

Dear Richard,

Blue Tongue is indeed located in the same building as Melbourne IT, and 
as you have pointed out, we do share the Melbourne IT Fax number as a 
matter of convenience, and as part of the service Melbourne IT provides 
to its incubator partners.

Blue Tongue has been in existance since October 1995, and was started 
with funds generated from our WWW publishing business. It is this 
business that offers domain name registrations, in all corners of the 
globe, and has doen so for a number of years. Before you start 
developing any conspiracy theories, we are subject to the same rules 
and regulations as any service provider. There has been no special 
treatment of BTM or our clients.

The "specialising in COM.AU domains" comes from my personal experience 
in working with the DNA bureau at Melbourne IT. I am very well aware of 
the policies and procedures for getting domain names registered, and 
"ensure that your domain name will be registered with the minimum   
of delays" is simply a marketing statement that states that these are 
the services we can supply given our location and knowledge of the 
COM.AU administration procedures. Unfortunately, these are not benefits 
we obtain in registering .ORG.AU, .NET.AU, or any other domain.

I ceased my employment with Melbourne IT on February 28 this year.

The Incubator centre was started last year when Melbourne IT was 
started. Blue Tongue was offered a position in the Incubator centre in 
which it could grow and develop it's primary goals in computer game 
development which it accepted.

More information can be found on Melbourne IT's WWW site at

I trust that this allays your fears.

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