Re: DNS: ADNA related meeting this Friday 4th - "is this haste unseemly"?

Re: DNS: ADNA related meeting this Friday 4th - "is this haste unseemly"?

From: Skeeve Stevens <skeeve§>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 18:28:34 +1000 (EST)
You, Simon Hackett, shaped the electrons to say:

+But! All of the above people are effectively muzzled right now, due to the
+existing federal court action related to the activities of Melbourne IT.
+This court action is _expected_ to be settled soon. It HAS NOT been settled

I received an email from Kim Davis from iiNET saying the court action had
been dropped? is this not so?
+As a result, I ask people attending to think, before Friday, whether there
+is any benefit to legally instantiating ADNA until those muzzled people can

If Geoff Houston, Peter Gerrand, at a MINIMUM are not there I will stand up
and request the meeting be disolved as I think these 2 people are 
instrumental in the future of the Australian DNS.

I think also KRE is very important.. but he rarely turns up to these things.

I will be there no matter what. Im not going to let INTIAA or anyone else try
to railroad approve ADNA without the sufficient backing of the community, 
specifically key individuals like aunic, kre (who seems to go with the crowd), 
geoff houston (seperately from aunic) some of the major isps, ISOC-AU, M.IT,
michael malone, and the more vocal people in the industry.

I would LIKE, before this friday, that Luke, who is chairing the meeting, that
without these people... the meeting will NOT make an resolutions. I would also
like some discussioon here BEFORE friday as what other people think is the
minimum, and who we need to get the ADNA formed

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