Re: DNS: ADNA related meeting this Friday 4th - "is this haste unseemly"?

Re: DNS: ADNA related meeting this Friday 4th - "is this haste unseemly"?

From: Glen Turner <glen.turner§>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 1997 15:08:04 +0930
Simon Hackett wrote:

> That community of interest has some crucial elements in it both in terms of
> individuals and organizations of relevance. I will list a sample of some of
> those here:
> - AUNIC (implemented by Telstra Internet)
> - Robert Elz (DN authority for .au and some important subdomains of same
> including
> - Geoff Huston wearing any of his multiple relevant hats (e.g. Telstra
> Internet ; AUNIC; DN authority for and, etc)
> - Michael Malone ( DN)
> - Peter Gerrand (ceo Melbourne IT, current operator)
> This is just a subset of the "important folks" I think need to be at the
> meeting(s) and need to be able to speak freely in order to ensure that they
> are able to both contribute to, and subsequently provide support for,
> whatever ADNA turns into.

Agree.  The list of "important folks" is much bigger
(I get over 20 without really trying).

I note that CSIRO (of has been forgotten.

I also note that the ADNA proposal is still to be sent to
the AARNet Board for consideration.  Unless this board,
and the half of the Australian Internet it represents,
is approached, the statements of "broad consultation"
are flimsy.

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