DNS: dsn query?

DNS: dsn query?

From: Tony <xgen§vianet.net.au>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 14:41:51 +0800
I read in newspapers recently of proposed extentions to 2nd level domain
names classes
to include domains such as .biz etc.

Can you tell me or point me in the direction of which org will 
make such a decision and what the proposals are.

or just point me to a link

My understanding is that regardless of any new domains there still
is a 32 bit IP address associated with the domain name, many which are 
reserved (for reasons I dont know) and many which have already been

Arent there proposals for a new IP addressing system (IPv6)? will this
be a
64 bit number?. which org is responsible for overseeing this?
can you point me to a link?

Are there any predictions on when these numbers are likely to be

Thanks for your help

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