DNS: Suggestion for Melbourne IT

DNS: Suggestion for Melbourne IT

From: Manager - ICENet <bk§icenet.com.au>
Date: Sun, 04 May 1997 08:35:34 +0800
Dear Simon,

The bounty is the offer of EIGHT FREE HOURS in return for Telstra or MSN CD
ROMS handed in to ISP's in WA.

have a look at http://www.icenet.com.au/

We are also asking all ISP's / IAP's to try and make some sort of offer or
bounty ...say 3 month for the price of two with any Telstra or MSN CD ROM.

This is the FIRST, BEST and ONLY protest we have against Telstra's poor
service, Time Local Calls and TElstra in the retail ISP market.

Cheers, BK.
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