Re: DNS: ADNA Memoranda & Articles

Re: DNS: ADNA Memoranda & Articles

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 18:31:16 +0800
Quoting "Michael O'Reilly":
| Why not just run the charges as a percentage of revenue? i.e. a flat
| 10% of revenue. This means that domain's that don't charge, don't pay,
| and domains that do charge, do pay.
| And it automatically means that more valuable domains (i.e. ones that
| people pay more for a name in... ) pay for some of the infrastructure.

This brings rise to Michael Malone's suggestions of a commercial domain
such as being purely subsidised by advertising, with no fee being

The DNA isn't being paid for the domains, therefore doesn't owe anything -
but is still getting (presumably) a benefit from registering all those
domains. (I don't know about others, but I'd happily wade through
advertising if it means I save hundreds of dollars)

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