Re: Re[2]: DNS: Re: INET: Official Announcement: DNS and ADNA Me

Re: Re[2]: DNS: Re: INET: Official Announcement: DNS and ADNA Me

From: Geoff Huston <gih§>
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 07:25:19 +1000
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No - it still sounds shocking as a first cut.

"We need more SLDs - because we need more SLDs?"
   What problem do you think you might possibly be addressing Simon?
   And is this a solution?

"We need to manage competition"

   Huh? Is this the New Age form of "managed" competition?

  What do you mean by competition, and how do you expect to achieve it?

As a first cut there are gaping holes as far as I can see Simon.

I'm sorry, but the deja vue with the IAHC work is overwhelming, and
my point is that a little better effort in understanding the problem domain
rather than pontificating bandaids will go a long way forward.


At 07:20 PM 15/5/97 +1000, Nick Andrew wrote:
>Forwarding a message from Simon Hackett:
>> I would see this working by ADNA directly managing processes of competition
>> in, and by ADNA vetting applications for <newname>.au, and once it's
>> happy, handling those names to Robert for approval as (still) the authority
>> in .AU, with the understanding that he'll normally say yes as long as ADNA
>> have already agreed that the new namespace is ok, unless he has a serious
>> objection - in which case, he wins.
>Sounds good as a first cut.
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