DNS: DNS meetings on Friday 16 May

DNS: DNS meetings on Friday 16 May

From: Luke Carruthers <luke§magna.com.au>
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 18:12:42 +1000 (EST)
I thought it worthwhile to post a brief summary of the meetings held today 
to the list, so that everyone can keep up to date with events.

The public meetings this morning discussed many of the issues 
brought up on this mailing list in the past week, as well as 
a few new ones not previously brought up.  These discussions resulted
in a minor change to the articles, in Section 3 (i) from "to operate
fairly in competition" to "to ensure fair competition", reflecting a
strong desire to see competition in the .au name space.

Subsequent to these discussions a vote was taken by all present on
whether ADNA should be incorporated now or not.  This vote was
overwhelmingly in favour of incorporating now, with a provision
that a one month period, extending to June 18th, be allocated in
which new members could return their application forms and still
be considered founding members.  During this period ADNA would
develop the processes and mechanisms necessary for it to carry
out its objectives, but would not commence the processes necessary
to assume responsibity of any domain name space.

ADNA will soon have a Web site containing more information, and mailing
lists specific to its various committees and members.

Applications from bodies wishing to operate as DNA's in existing or new
domains may be made as information concerning the process to undertake
becomes available on its Web site.

Also on the ADNA web site will be minutes of the approriate meetings,
mechanisms for organisations wishing to become involved, lists of
members, committees operating, and similar public detail.

ADNA will operate four initial working groups, covering a general overview
on recommendations concerning the Australian DNS  systems (chaired by
Michael Malone); the processes by which new 2LD's may be created and new
DNA's in existing 2LD's may be allocated (chaired by Kevin Dinn); development
of the necessary software to allow more than one DNA to operate in a single
2LD (chaired by Michael Malone); and the funding requirements and mechanisms
of ADNA (chaired by Mark Hughes).

Membership of these working groups is made up of both ADNA members as
well as those still prospective members, and the proceses by which each
operate are managed by the chair of the relevant working group.  There
is an intent to include where relevant expertise not present within
ADNA also.

A number of groups not yet formally members of ADNA were present at the
Inaugural General Meeting of ADNA, as both a demonstration of ADNA's 
intention to keep its processes open to all relevant bodies, and 
participated in both discusion and voting.  These bodies included
ISOC-AU, SAIA, AIA, and Connect.com.  Those present as signatories to
the M&A included intiaa, WAIA, Tradegate, Melbourne IT and Michael Malone.

The interim officers of ADNA elected by those present were Mark Hughes
as Treasurer, Peter Gerrand as Secretary, and Luke Carruthers as 

Until ADNA's online presence is etablished - a period we hope will last 
only a few days - those organisations not yet formally involved and 
wishing to have a say in the implementation of ADNA's objectives may 
become members of ADNA by contacting Nicole Delbaere at Phillips Fox
in Sydney on (02) 9286 8000.

Luke Carruthers
Magna Data
Internet Solutions Provider
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