DNS: iiNet ends legal action

DNS: iiNet ends legal action

From: Kim Davies <kim§gospel.iinet.net.au>
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 14:48:37 +0800
A press release of interest to some on this list from my employer:



As a result of changes to the COM.AU policy by Melbourne IT, iiNet
Technologies has decided to suspend recent court action. 

Melbourne IT had planned to remove commercial Internet domain names,
those ending in "COM.AU", from the Internet, unless a license fee was
paid to them by March 17, 1997. 

In a move supported by thousands of COM.AU owners, iiNet Technologies
addressed this by filing a class action in the Federal Court. Melbourne
IT has since modified it's policy ensuring these domains won't be removed
until at least October - at which time it is expected competition will
exist in COM.AU administration. 
As a sign of good faith, iiNet has decided not to pursue costs against
Melbourne IT for the court action. 

Michael Malone, a Director of iiNet, said,
  "Both Melbourne IT and iiNet support the common goal of achieving fair
  competition in domain name registrations. We're pleased to put this 
  court action behind us, and co-operate on the establishment of the
  Australian Domain Name Authority (ADNA)" 

In related news, Internet industry representatives met in Sydney last
Friday, including representatives from iiNet and Melbourne IT, where the
inaugural general meeting of ADNA was held. 
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