Re: DNS: Interview re ADNA for AFR

Re: DNS: Interview re ADNA for AFR

From: Geoff Huston <gih§>
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 19:31:05 +1000

As a public response to your note....

I read with some concern the comments regarding representation of my
employer, Telstra. 

I believe to appropriate to simply note that my employer, Telstra, is
capable of representing itself, clearly and unambiguously as a corporate
body, on such matters where it is felt that a corporate position is
apppropriate or necessary. 

I have been, I trust, been careful to indicate that in the administration
of and these responsibilities are ones delegated to myself as
a responsible person in the area. These responsibilities are undertaken
with the support and material assistance of Telstra, which I note with


  Geoff Huston

At 06:51 PM 19/5/97 +1000, ramin wrote:
>I do agree with your pov and refernce to ISOC-AU
>I was the only other person other than Pauline to vote against the
>proposal as it stood - there were 3 objections and the people against
>the whole thing left early and it became a bit of a joke in the voting
>process - I should have had my whole office over ro defeat the motion.
>Anyway, reason for the note is to express some concern that Luke stated
>he was representing Telstra (a member of Intiaa) - this is dangerous
>even if Telstra was in favour _if_ he does not have express consent to
>say he is representing Telstra.
>ramin marzbani
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