DNS: todays oz story

DNS: todays oz story

From: Stewart Carter <edireport§attmail.com>
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 15:17:38 +0000
Re: my ADNA story in the Australian

Editorial processes such as headlines, and sub-editing can sometimes be quite 
a mystery to journalists, and what happened to my story on the ADNA in todays 
Australia (p.44) is a case in point.

It might also be noted that editors need to have strong ego's and strong 
opinions often follow, such as those in the companion piece a couple of pages 
later (p.48)

Anyway, please call the new editor, Mark Hollands, rather than me. He says he 
is more than happy to 'take em on'. His number is 02 9288 2390.

Stewart Carter   
Received on Tue May 20 1997 - 16:04:49 UTC

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