Re: DNS: Re: end of Federal Court action

Re: DNS: Re: end of Federal Court action

From: Michael Malone <mmalone§>
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 07:31:54 +0800
> > As a sign of good faith, iiNet has decided not to pursue costs against
> > Melbourne IT for the court action.

> In fact, the Federal Court gave Melbourne IT the opportunity to prepare
> a case for costs against iiNet, and not vice versa.

Sorry, but not correct.  iiNet claimed costs against M-IT, and
of course, M-IT claimed costs against iiNet.  The judge
stated that he felt both parties had acted "reasonably";
iiNet in taking the action, and M-IT in responding.  Therefore
it was his view that we should each pay our own costs. He
cited comments from a recent case against the immigration
department as the basis for this.

We agreed to this suggestion (being in the court at the time).  The
lawyer for M-IT said that he would need to consult with his client.
The judge gave leave for this, but warned that if M-IT chose to pursue
costs, then he would also have to allow iiNet to present a case
for costs as well.  Obviously, its far better to put this thing
to bed and get on with the business of ensuring another case
isn't required in four months.

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