DNS: funding the competition infrastucture

DNS: funding the competition infrastucture

From: Leni Mayo <leni§ais.com.au>
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 22:58:19 +1000
If there's no core infrastructure to support competition, then there's
no competition, so it's in everyone's interest (not just the approved
DNAs) to ensure that it is there.  So ADNA should fund it (if no-one
else will).

What the IAHC/iPOC people seem to be doing is accepting registration
fees from prospective DNAs.  For DNAs that don't meet the selection
criteria, the fees are refundable less administrative costs.  DNAs that
meet the criteria are accepted into CORE (the equivalent of ADNA) and at
that point their fees are not refundable.  The remaining fees are then 
committed to developing the central infrastructure.  Certainly, the
successful DNAs have an extra interest in seeing that central
infrastructure in place because they've made an financial investment and
want to see some return.  This seems like a sensible way to go.

The successful DNAs will be demonstrating some faith that the process
will go ahead and are putting their cash on the line.  At that point
maybe we can expect more action on the central repository - there's been
precious little to date.

So an obvious question is: how many successful DNAs are there going to
be vs. how much will it cost to develop the infrastructure.  Comments

Any architucture, software, database designs or whatever should be
placed in the public domain, or under the Free Software Foundation
copy-left agreement or something analogous to allow everyone to read it
and understand that it is fair.

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