DNS: The whole DNS/ADNA thing.

DNS: The whole DNS/ADNA thing.

From: Karl Auer <kauer§pcug.org.au>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 1997 19:19:57 +1000
At 05:52 PM 27/06/97 +1000, Antony wrote:
>Quite frankly, I'm getting sick of the whole DNS/ANDA thing anyway. Much
>more and I think alot of people will be leaving the lists.

That would be a shame if you have something to contribute, but absolutely
the right thing to do if you don't. Or if, as you say, you've lost interest.

The dns&#167;intiaa.asn.au was actually set up specifically for discussion
relating to the DNS and changing its governance, so if people aren't
interested in that topic they most certainly SHOULD unsubscribe!

On the other hand, the "whole DNS/ADNA thing" is where it's at right now;
this list is discussing the immediate and possible long-term future of the
Australian domain name space. Such discussion is bound to see repetition,
newbies needing a hand up, the odd flamewar and so on. It goes with the

Regards, K.

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