Re: IAMEMS: Re: DNS: ADNA's claim to .AU

Re: IAMEMS: Re: DNS: ADNA's claim to .AU

From: Michael Butler <imb§>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 04:45:36 +1000
> From: Karl Auer <kauer&#167;>

> However, there is a big difference between an idea floated at a
> discussion forum and the stated (and built into its Memorandum of 
> Association) aim of an incorporated body.

Precisely .. I fully support the current ISOC-AU directors in their

Whilst I can understand the impatience of some commercially-driven
organisations to fix perceived problems within the name-space, I
can't see how that effort operates in the best interest of all of .au. Nor
can I see why those participants listed under other 2LDs, who are very much
in the minority, should have policies imposed solely by a commercial
context. If they were to be dealt with by an authority such as ADNA in its
present form, even if they manage to be heard, they can still be quite
'democratically' ignored. This is what I'd hope to avoid,

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