Re: DNS: ADNA's claim to .AU

Re: DNS: ADNA's claim to .AU

From: Stephen Baxter <steve§>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 08:54:43 +0930 (CST)
> Posting on this list merely airs your ideas -- ADNA is free
> to ignore that, as had happened on this list in the past
> with suggestions concerning ADNA's formation.

Anybody is free to attend ADNA meetings.
The ADNA publishes minutes to this list !

> Didn't Karl's message just make three suggestions the last few dot
> points?
>   1. Become less commercially focused.

OK. The members are :

Michael Mallaone (
Melb IT (

How less commercially focused can we go ?

>   2. Alter its structure to allow wider community representation.

We agreed at the last meeting to allow any interested body to attend
meetings bringing them closer to the old DNS forum meetings !

>   3. Wait until it has the general support of the Australian Internet
>      community before laying claim to adopting the control of .AU.

ADNA wants to work on It has several working groups now that are
exploring the policies behind competition in the commercial spaces, what
rules a DNA should conform to and other technical groups related to the
software to make it work.

What if ADNA does a really good job with in getting competition
with multiple DNAs etc and level playing fields etc etc etc ?

Will ADNA receive support or will the same claims still be thrust at it
that are now. 

If ADNA gets it right will it get support from the people who present are
objecting ?

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