Re: DNS: What is wanted?

Re: DNS: What is wanted?

From: David Keegel <djk§>
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 10:58:40 +1000 (EST)
Michael Malone wrote:

] I'm sending this to iamems as well, since this has
] been the trend till now.  However, could I suggest
] that the discussion be moved to the dns list?

Well, I've made a start.
] Thus far, ISOC has simply said "I don't like it", rather
] than making any positive suggestions.  Personally, I find
] this very frustrating, since quite obviously I can't see
] what their problem is.  Contrary to what Karl Auer says,
] ISOC-AU does have a responsibility to do more than complain
] if it wishes to obtain credibility.  You need to offer
] specific suggestions for change.  However, it may be that
] ISOC simply doesn't have any.

(I presume s/ISOC/ISOC-AU/g)

My reading of the discussion within ISOC-AU was:
(1) There are issues in that need to be addressed urgently
(2) ADNA seems fairly well positioned to address issues
(3) There is no clear demostration that there are urgent issues
    in,,, (etc) or .au as a whole
    which need to be addressed in a fast-tracked way.
(4) If it ain't broke, don't call in someone with no track record
    to fix it, without taking the time to think it through fully.

In short, if ADNA would agree to only restrict itself to for
the time being, then my feeling is that ISOC-AU would support it.

If we feel there is plenty of time to set up the right structures
for ADNA, then by all means look at different voting classes (as
Michael suggested) or other ways of building in safe-guards so
that ADNA can be all things to all Australians.

I would rather take a different direction, and fast track consideration
of the situation by ADNA and leave everything else in *.au until
we have had some time to think about how to handle the .au TLD, and
seen how ADNA handles (so ADNA has a "track record").

Then over time, their could be discussions with other 2LD registries
about whether they would be happy to come under the ADNA umbrella,
rather than trying to railroad this through.

Or maybe these are just my opinions :-)
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