Re: DNS: Revised selection criteria for new DNAs/2LDs

Re: DNS: Revised selection criteria for new DNAs/2LDs

From: Larry Singer <larry§>
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 1997 11:05:57 +1000
Kevin Dinn wrote:
>This was my original approach - to make the criteria so specific that the
>applicant virtually knew whether they would be successful before the
>application went in. 

I think this is a reasonable goal. I think the problem is that the
different domains have different sizes and therefore requirements. How
about we divide the criteria into 2 parts, the first part that all DNAs
need to meet, then a second part specific to the domain that they apply for. 

There is also an unspoken assumption that any DNA would wish to handle all
available domains. I do not believe that this assumption is valid. To this
end I propose that a DNA has to apply for each domain separately. (Need to
discuss application fees in this case.)

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