Re: DNS: Generic words describing products etc

Re: DNS: Generic words describing products etc

From: Manager - ICENet <bk§>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 17:25:51 +0800
With respect to the following ....

>>one question about section 7.4.  why are we so concerned about
>> or
>>> 7.4.6 Not be a generic word describing products (goods or services),
>>> industries, industry sectors, or organisations.  Examples of
>>> unacceptable domain names include: beer (product), banking
>>> (industry), industrial (industry), company (organisation type).
>>> Generic phrases comprising of two or more generic words are allowed.
>If this is going to be included in the policy document, then the list of
>forbidden words needs to be defined a lot more clearly than this.
>DNAs are opening themselves up for legal action if they have to make
>arbitrary decisions on whether or not a word comes under one of the listed
>restrictions. This is a very grey area.
>For example, is '' allowed?
>I submit that 'pilots' are not a product, industry, industry sector, nor
>organisation. I also submit that this name would probably be rejected by
>I suggest that there be a list of forbidden words, and DNAs just look up
>the word in the list and allow it if it is not listed. I am sure there must
>be a list of such terms available somewhere.
>Yours sincerely,
>Richard Archer.

I entirely fact I am still waiting on MelbIT to repond to email
from with repect to the a Domain I applied for ...sadly it will probably go
to court soon if they do not respond to one of many email sent to them ...

Cheers, BK.
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