Re: DNS: No rules OK !

Re: DNS: No rules OK !

From: Paul Montgomery <monty§>
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 19:53:13 +1100
ramin wrote:
> Are these recently allocated domain names?
> we applied for (given that we are well established as
> www.consult) and got turned down because it was a common name.
> i cannot believe that these domain names are recent.

Straight from the horse's mouth on the Melbourne IT site:

Organization-Name: Corporate Profile Pty. Ltd.
Created: 8-Jul-97
Organization-Name: Internet Business Centres
Updated: 21-May-96

Organization-Name: Barristers' Clerking Services Pty Ltd.
Created: 22-Sep-97

No AUNIC entry exists for this name.

Organization-Name: Lawyers.Com
Created: 13-Mar-97

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