Re: DNS: Minutes of ADNA Board Meeting #3, 5.11.97

Re: DNS: Minutes of ADNA Board Meeting #3, 5.11.97

From: ramin <ramin§>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 21:37:33 +1100
with all due respects, i would like to raise two issues:

1) is there a conflict of interest with Philips Fox being involved with
the Intiaa/IIA affairs?  Their generosity is certainly appreciated but i
having trouble telling these organisations apart.  Also, wouldnt
audit firms like KPMG, E&Y, PW etc be better placed to audit/vet review
things than a law firm? i seem to recall that the gTLD process was based
using an accounting firm, and we have certainly got some knowledgable
in these firms in Australia.

2) are things moving too slowly for a reason? 60 days? why not use a
approval?    are the important issues being addressed?  not sure...

Peter Gerrand wrote:
> Please find attached (in RTF) the Minutes of last week's ADNA Board Meeting
> in Sydney.  As usual, I have provided a summary of the Action Points at the
> end.
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