Re: DNS: ADNA Board minutes, 5 Nov 1997

Re: DNS: ADNA Board minutes, 5 Nov 1997

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Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 01:23:21 EST

>>  "A not-for-profit sector was discussed but a conclusion was not

>As stated before, this was not my recollection.  I was at
>the meeting, and certainly would not have proceeded further
>with a conclusion being achieved on the one domain that I
>have an interest in.

I also was at that August meeting, and the issue was clearly not put
to a vote.  If it had been, then there would have been no confusion
about the outcome.  There might have been unhappiness by some at the
outcome, but not confusion.

At the following meeting (Nov 5), when the agenda got to 'minutes of
the previous meeting' we noted that the minutes were not correct and
that a conclusion had not been reached on the not-for-profit sector.
There was brief further discussion, but the issue of whether there
should or should not be a not-for-profit sector was not put to a
vote.  Hence, 'a conclusion has not been reached' is still the

For the record, I support a 'not-for-profit' sector.  I think some
work would have to be done to spell out exactly what we supporters
of 'not-for-profit' mean, and how it would be determined whether
entities are 'in' or 'out' of the classification, but I don't think
that's an insurmountable problem.

If it is an insurmountable problem - ie. if we can't develop a
workable definition and process to identify who qualifies, then it
tends to make the concept not viable.  For example, on what grounds
would a Registrar reject an entity's application?

Regards, Mark

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