Re: DNS: and seminars today & tomorrow

Re: DNS: and seminars today & tomorrow

From: Robert Shaw <§>
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 11:32:41 +0100
Geoff Huston wrote:
> Given that withinthe trademark world two completely different entities
> can quite properly and correctly trade using the same trademarked
> name, then please explain to me how BOTH parties can 'protect'
> their trademark from each other as well as from other within
> a single domain name, whether its, or
> Attempting to map external name structures into the DNS
> won't work. Its a waste of time even trying.

Geoff's right. Attempting to directly map a multi-dimensional name space like 
trademarks directly into the DNS is a non-starter.

As a data point, I'm told that there are some 80 registrations for the word 
'Genesis' in only one of the 42 Nice trademark classes in the United States
alone. That gives you an idea of the necessary type of minimum granularity 
you would need to directly map trademarks (80 * 42) into an explicit DNS structure. 
A single subdomain convention like as a solution to the trademark 
problem is futile.


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