Re: DNS: Problems with approval

Re: DNS: Problems with approval

From: Sandra Davey <sandra§>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 11:45:29 +1100
G'day Allan,

>Is any other organisation/individual having problems getting ''
>domain approvals?
>We have had a domain pending in the AUNIC registry since November last
>year and have had no success at all despite emails, phone calls, etc. in
>getting any action.
>Is this just an isolated case?  The domain in question is

I don't think this is an isolated case. We have had a number of problems
with regards to the domain. We have a domain simply because
our request for the equivalent domain took far too long and we
needed to go live; longer than the time you mention above.

I have always hoped that something would be done about

With best regards,
Sandra Davey
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