Re: DNS: Problems with, approvals

Re: DNS: Problems with, approvals

From: James Austin <jea§>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 23:20:34 +1100
>1) I suggest you read up on and/or join ADNA. ( if you
>haven't already done so. They (in my view) are way way behind on real
>progress but at least they're trying to make some rather than just rip
>shreads off of people :)

I agree and will join.

I am just a little tired of the MelbIT crowd and the policy changes. should have been registered, if it was I would not have even
considered rego of, as I believe that one domain name for one
commercial activity is enough.

>2) One org in charge of and one in charge of is surely twice
>as good as the US situation, where one org is currently in charge of *all*
>of .NET, .COM, .ORG, etc etc. So the number of orgs in charge of the
>process is not, of itself, guaranteed to have a one to one relationship to
>quality of service.

Sure as long as their policy is right and clearly with the number and
frequency od complaints it surely can not be.

>3) point 2 notwithstanding, there is a large move in this country to bring
>about multiple competing domain name registration service providers in
>australian domain name spaces. See point 1) above for details.

I will be there when this happens, if it ever really does eventuate.

>4) By registering your name in all the spaces you can find, you are
>demonstrating the fundamental problem with the use of the DNS right now,
>which is that people want to stick "their" name in all available spaces,
>not just the one that would be necessary and sufficient for them to trade
>globally, and obviously (to paraphrase a Dire Straits lyric), "Two men say
>they want, one of them's gotta be wrong". In other words,
>you'll complain if you're second to the post, but not if you're the first
>to grab all you want.

As stated above had been accepted that would have been that. As
I had invested quit a lot of money into the venture prior to getting a
domain name, ie: company formation etc. I needed to use dart.???.au

>That's called "First come-first served". It's how .COM and .NET work, and
>in my personal view it remains nearly the only registry allocation method
>that's equally unfair to all participants and is easy to automate across
>lots of registries without the issues you (quite rightly point out) with
>differences in interpretation of theoretically "identical" rules for
>permitting a name (as in your example, dart.(com|net).au )

Sure it is a bit of a "first come first served" situation, however the
interpritation is too difficult ie: must be derived from the registered
name, this could lead to lot of diffrent names.
Pink Link Copy Centre = plcc.???.au = pinklink.???.au = plink.???.au etc etc
the list is endless.

>5) If you really believe that "All domain space should be FREE, without
>restrictions of any kind!" as you say, I respectfully submit that you might
>like to lighten up on the Jolt for an afternoon and reconsider how much you
>know about how the Internet actually works in commercial terms.

I think I have a fair grasp of the commercial concept involved in the

>6) SHOUTING in lots of SENTENCES with LOTS of UPPERCASE >WORDS is both
TIRING TO READ and tends to make you come across >as someone more interested
in SHOUTING than in understanding the >ISSUES properly before firing from
the HIP

I do appologise for the uppercase, I have a tendancy to highlight with
uppercase. did not mean for it to be so upsetting.

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